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Dear All,

We are please to announce that we have now become a SKF CMP i.e CERTIFIED MAINTENANCE PARTNER.

CMP can deliver different maintenance service offerings to the customers.

CMP's local talent & customer knowledge partnered with SKF's global leadership in reliability engineering can provide customer high quality & cost effective inspection & maintenance services.

CMP's local resource & customer knowledge can be used for inspection & machinery data capture.

The data is electronically transferred to SKF support centre where advanced data analysis & reporting is done.

The resulting report is sent back to CMP & customer for corrective action & support activities.

Following are the few service offerings which a CMP can provide:

  1. Vibration monitoring.
  2. Alignment service (Shaft & Belt).
  3. Balancing.
  4. Oil analysis.
  5. Mounting/Dismounting support.
  6. Thermography.


Benefits to Customer:

  1. High quality & cost effective maintenance services from local distributor,quality assured by SKF.
  2. Technical depth & Engineering resources from SKF's global organization.
  3. Eliminating the need for capital investment & upfront cost. (Equipment,manpower,training,experience).

We strongly hope that the above mentioned services will help your organization to increase the productivity of the plant by reducing downtime of plant,spares cost,inventory,labour cost which will ultimately deliver savings in overall maintenance & operational cost.

Valued Customers

  1. MRF Ltd
  2. Syngenta India Ltd
  3. Binani - Goa Glass Fibres Ltd.
  4. Titan Timeproducts Ltd.
  5. Umicore Ltd.
  6. Syngenta Biosciences Pvt Ltd
  7. Piramal Life Sciences
  8. Microlabs Ltd.
  9. Goa Sponge and Power Ltd.
  10. RR Steel Ltd.
  11. Western India Shipyard Ltd
  12. Polynova Industries Ltd
  13. Zuari Indian Oil Tanking Ltd
  14. Yogeshwari Sugar Industries Ltd.

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